Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Changes and Updates

Hello everyone!
  As you may have noticed at the end of Episode 4, PotLD is now a member of the Pennycult family. This happened after recording, so I wasn't able to explain on the episode. Pennycult isn't really a cult, there are little to no human sacrifices, and I don't pay them for anything. What this really is, is a network of shows (mostly podcasts but Pennycult Pictures is growing), who cross promote one another. I wouldn't become a member if there weren't some excellent shows under the Pennycult label, and I watch/listen to almost all of them. I am proud to call these people my friends.

  Another change you will notice after my blog header. This show is now available on iTunes, Blip.tv, Channels.com, and Miro. So feel free to download it to your iPod and watch it on the go... preferably NOT while you're driving.

  Now the last thing I want to mention is that YES we will get to the Romero style zombies. A lot of people have been asking and I do plan to get there... That is the real reason I waned to do this series anyway. However, I feel that we can't just jump into it without a little background.  Cemetery plots have to be dug before we try to fill them.

  So, as always thank you for watching and reading.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Episode 4: Phagocytosis

More on how phagocytes eat pathogens, and why Zombivita's wounds are unlikely to heal.

PotLD is now a member of the Pennycult family. For more information and other cool shows visit http://www.pennycult.com

Music played in this episode:
The Benny Hill Theme Song
"Meat For The Beast" by Danny Elfman from the Nightbreed soundtrack.
"Earth Died Screaming" by Tom Waits

Clips & Stills used in this episode:
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
The Blob
The Naked Gun
OK Go "Do What You Want"